Ways Microsoft SharePoint Can Improve Your Organisations Productivity

A lot of organisations rush into updating infrastructure deployments or technology such as Microsoft SharePoint without carefully taking into consideration the benefits that they bring. The art of success with upgrading a technology like Microsoft SharePoint is to make sure that there’s a return on investment, especially on the production side of things. This is where decision makers need to weigh the benefits against the downfalls of upgrading.

Does your organisation really need that Microsoft SharePoint upgrade, or is it just because it is popular? To give you a guide as to whether or not it is a cost-effective move to do a Microsoft SharePoint. ways how Microsoft SharePoint will improve productivity:

Managing documents

When you upload documents in the previous versions of Microsoft SharePoint, you have to do a lot of clicking – which can be a hassle down the line. An alternative way to uploading documents on Microsoft SharePoint is through the SharePoint Workspace, but there’s still a pitfall to this. You still have to face some limitations on the scalability of the document library.


Microsoft SharePoint gives you an easier time managing the security of your site for business users – as it only takes two clicks to nominating the group/users and permissions. Also, you can trace the access requests to the site. When you want to see who is handling the request, you can easily do so.

Social Capabilities

The new Microsoft SharePoint is created with features that help better collaboration among employees. This time, end users can experience a more social environment through interactive feeds, follow sites, and community sites.

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